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We take your privacy and protecting the data we hold very seriously, as should all companies in our sector. This privacy and cookie policy details Velo’s commitments and compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please note that this policy covers your personal information held on this website.

Your personal information

We will only collect information from you when necessary to communicate with you or to ensure we can provide a service to you. When we do collect this data, it is done so and stored using secure and encrypted methods only. We will store your personal information for five years, at which point we will contact you to ask for your permission to continue holding your personal information for a further five-year period.

When using your personal information, we do so in a fair and secure way. We will never share it with any other party or use it in a way you didn’t agree to. Additionally, we’ll only use your personal information for direct marketing along with those specified, and you agreed to when you provided your information to us. On the rare occasion that we do use your data, we will only share with our employees, contractors and agents, where necessary, to fulfil a valid purpose, in line with your original agreement with us. Your data will never be processed outside of the EU.

Your right to be forgotten

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