September 3rd 2021 - Media Team

Phishing In 2021 - A Guide From Renzo Marketing

If you check your email on a daily basis, you may have witnessed some odd emails reaching your inbox. For instance, an email from your bank asking for credit card details or bank account number to credit the jackpot money you have won. Although tempting, such messages typically are anything but sincere.

How does phishing work?

  • An email asking you to update the password of your social media account or responding to a request on it.
  • An email asking you to click on an attachment
  • An email suggests that there is a problem with your delivery or the payment for your parcel. These delivery scams are becoming more and more frequent

CEO fraud

Mobile phishing

What to do to protect against Phishing?

  • Install an antivirus on your device. It will quickly detect whether there are any issues on your device.
  • Use an ad-blocker. It might block certain pop-ups containing false and misleading information.
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It will ensure that no data can be stolen in transit, even if you visit unsecured websites (like those lacking HTTPS).

Final Words